Secret Millionaire: Experiment of Swap wealth against poverty

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Currently in the German television landscape is the experimental mood around: For example, the new real-life documentary of RTL Secret Millionaire.

This is not just an experiment, because they adapted a successful international format, but it also rotates content to an unusual, experimental idea that is new in the German TV: For one week a millionaire traded his usual living and working environment incognito for a existence on the margins of society. Life as Hartz4 receiver or asylum seekers to work in charitable institutions - that is the constellation of the TV experiment.

At the end of the week, the show millionaires, each with several generous donations of their choice and help where it is most needed.

But: How does the experiment "Secret Millionaire" the rich participants, his life, thought and work from now on?

And how the people around him react when they find out after a week that he's not the one for which he has spent itself, but a true millionaire?

Summary of an unusual TV format.

Who, Where, What: The experiment RTL Secret Millionaire in detail

Experimental design: take a well-heeled managers, business owners or board of directors, which is ready once the beaten track - more precisely usual prosperity, habitual daily routines and work - to leave.

As a trial period for RTL is his "Secret Millionaire", seven days in which the millionaire leaves everything behind what makes his life so far.

No contact with family and office included. Trial site is a social focal point of Germany, one of the many segments of society, which is referred to as a parallel new German society.

Course of the experiment: The millionaire for a week this works full-time at charitable organizations, get to know their work.

The main focus is rather the contact with the people. Both the subject and for the helpers, which in turn take care sacrificially.

Finally, they rewarded the Secret Millionaire, after he reveals his identity.

Remain charitable organizations that appreciate a donation and a millionaire who has gained a lasting experience.

Experimental observation

A millionaire who is the benefactor on TV, because you might think quickly on self-presentation and a good PR move. Makes it so easy to Secret Millionaire, the actors and the audience does not. Even when it comes to how the wealthy entrepreneur behaves in a completely new environment, and this holds a lot of slapstick, it's anything but light fare, offering RTL since Sunday evening.

Data analysis: They did because Secret Millionaire RTL takes both the audience appeal as well as the participants: the participating millionaires Holger Riemer, Afshin Fatemi and Axel Hesse speak all of a rewarding experience and the helper / everyday heroes and their institutions benefit from a cash injection and a little publicity for their cause.

To see all of it: Sunday, 19.05 clock RTL Secret Millionaire.

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