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Only a few years back there were a travel agent's shop on many high streets. and then along came the net, the business moved on the internet, and most of the high street sites shut.

The process of searching for and purchasing a family home also shifted on the web several years ago, nevertheless the high street shops have stubbonly remained open. Pass by one of these shops and glance inside, you'll in all likelihood see just the sales team and no customers. In actual fact, one major chain of estate agents carried out a survey of its numerous branches in 2010 and found that a mere 5% of buyers actually went into one of their outlets. Instead buyers start their search for a house on the net on one of the property portals. They put together a list of properties of interest and then simply just contact the particular agents in order to book appointments to view. And then, when the buyer has identified a home he or she would like, bids are submitted by telephone and ongoing negotiations too take place by phone. There's no need what so ever for the buyer to enter the agent's shop.

Vendors as well are now discovering the many benefits of working with online estate agencies such as Homefinders. Fees tend to be fixed and very much cheaper in contrast to those charged by more traditional agents who commonly require a fee based on a percentage of the selling price.

There are a few differences the vendor will experience: For Sale boards are rarely ever made use of by web based agents, however the board really only promotes the agency, not the property! Nearly everybody will probably astonished at this but consider what will happen whenever a buyer is found, is the board removed? Not at all, a slip is incorporated explaining that the house is sold. Does anyone need to know that? No, it is just evidence that the agent will continue to keep that board displayed for as long as possible becuase it's the least expensive form of advertising for agencies.

Of more concern to a number of vendors is the fact that prospective buyers are not accompanied by the agent during viewing. Rather the owners show the potential customers over their properties. But the truth is, that isn't exactly demanding, especially following the first experience!

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